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The gallery is a public internet photo gallery focused on quality photos of railway vehicles. The gallery is open to all photographers who can upload their photos of railway transport after prior registration. The uploaded photos go through an approval process in order to publish only high-quality and interesting photos that will be attractive for all gallery visitors. Of course, all published photos are still the intelectual property of their authors, so the photos cannot be used for any purpose without their permission!

The gallery was established in 2005 by a single enthusiast from the Czech republic. Today, the gallery is maintained by a group of volunteers, gallery administrators, who decide what photos will be pubhlished, prepare daily updates, and take care of the correct arrangement of the published photos in different thematic sections. Due to its history, the gallery mainly contains photos from the Czech republic and Slovakia, but all photos from other countries are also welcome.

Contacts to the gallery administrators

After logging into the system, you can communicate with all gallery administrators and other registered users. If you are not registered, you can contact the gallery adminitrators using the contact details listed below. You can also ask administrators if you need to contact another author of the published photos. Contact information of all photographers cannot be published, however, the gallery administrators can forward your message or provide you the necessary information.

Jiří Š
Peťo Káč
Martin Š

Technical support

In case of any technical problems, such as registration or login problems, not working website, etc., please send an email to the address bellow. Do not use this email to report incorect information below photos!

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All photos are the intellectual property of their authors.
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